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SAP Application Management Service

The right solution for expert and flexible support for all your SAP applications

With the SAP Application Management Service, we provide you with services for the support and ongoing operation, maintenance and enhancement of your SAP applications and their operative and tactical management.

The content of the SAP Application Management Service can be customised to the needs of your company and ranges from support and maintenance through application operation and monitoring to tactical and operational application management.

As the largest SAP full-service provider in Switzerland, we and all our employees and our entire infrastructure are fully SAP certified.

Your expert

Udo Pfeiffer

Head of Sourcing Market

Focus on using your SAP applications to create added value and let us do the rest.


Thanks to years of experience


Customised to your individual needs


Close and accessible, at any time

High-quality service

Thanks to our individual customer support


you rely on our service

you get everything from one source

you pay for only what you need

We are here to address your concerns around the clock.

Benefit from one single point of contact for your entire communications infrastructure.

Our flexible pricing models give you extra financial leeway.

you do not have to worry about maintenance

you learn from our experts

We perform regular controls to make sure your infrastructure functions correctly.

Our highly experienced team are glad to pass on their knowledge and experience to you.

SAP Application Management Service at a glance

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