Integrating stakeholders into electronic processes
Synchronisation of in-house functions across all departments
Controlling and monitoring processes across systems and companies

Reliably and easily connect existing and new systems

Process Integration Services result quickly and in a targeted manner in business processing that integrates customers, partners and suppliers into your electronic processes. As part of this, the specialists at Swisscom offer you not only a technical implementation of the highest quality. They also offer corresponding integration services and competent process consulting.

Key facts at a glance

Whether you’re connecting to partners and marketplaces, integrating mobile applications into the process landscape or processing invoices electronically, we connect your wide-ranging process landscape to an integrated whole across systems: free of media breaches, easy in terms of monitoring and control, flexible when it comes to requests for modifications.

  • SAP Process Integration (PI) is used as a platform for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Technical adapters connect partners and systems of the widest range of generations
  • A fast and cost-effective transmission of your data to standardised formats, such as EDIFACT and EDI, is guaranteed
  • Integration of cloud and on-premise solutions is possible as well as the implementation of hybrid cloud solutions

Your benefits

  • More power for the market: The cross-system integration and control of business processes strengthen your company’s competitive edge
  • High-quality: Process Integration Services ensure a high level of quality in data exchange, and therefore also in electronic process handling
  • Everything from a single source: For the technical implementation, you will also receive process consulting and integration services
  • Save costs: By using recognised standards you can lower your integration costs
  • Central communication platform (SAP NW PI): Connect to your business partners in various ways and take advantage of the benefits posed by electronic communication
  • Flexible: Cloud solutions in various forms allow for operating scenarios tailored to the special requirements of your company

SAP Full Service Provider

Support from A to Z: plan – build – run.

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