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New dimension in the real-time availability of critical company information
Basis for the consolidation of complex information landscapes
Platform for new applications and innovative scenarios of use

Connect to the future

With solutions based on SAP HANA, we open up completely new opportunities for your company in terms of market cultivation, order processing or acceleration of business processes. You analyse business procedures on the basis of huge volumes of data (big data) during ongoing operations and in real time significantly faster.

Your expert

Jörg Knaus

Chief Solution Architect

Key facts at a glance

The rules of the game change with memory computing. SAP HANA lays the foundations in your company so that you can react quickly and in a more targeted way to changes in and new requirements for information management. The new technology speeds up and simplifies information retrieval, the mapping of business models and application developments many times over.

Real Time Data Extraction

With SAP HANA, data is acquired from the SAP systems in real time with a simultaneous and massive compression of data.

Real Time Analytics

SAP HANA makes data available in real time directly from the fast memory (RAM), therefore acting as a real-time database in your information landscape.

SAP BW Data Models

With SAP HANA, you continue to take full advantage of existing SAP BW know-how. The result: short development cycles, more flexible upgrades and the option to add additional sources of data.

HANA Content with RDS

A multitude of predefined packets (Rapid Deployment Solutions, RDS) offers everything needed to map the business processes of your company and your sector on SAP HANA, thereby shortening development times considerably.

With Swisscom, you have a partner that is the leader in Switzerland in terms of know-how, project experience and human resources for SAP systems.

Your benefits

  • Analysis of business procedures in real time with the highest speed, e.g. sales per product and customer, supplier pools, market analyses or quality discrepancies
  • Integration of structured and unstructured data from the widest range of sources
  • Processing of detailed data without aggregations
  • Greater flexibility in business processes
  • Standardisation of the widest array of business applications in a coherent data platform
  • Platform for new applications and innovative scenarios of use