Quality assurance for SAP application and other IT solutions
With embedded testing, errors are eliminated where they occur
We test your software from head to toe

Professional test and quality management

Our Testing Services ensure that the quality and performance of your IT infrastructure are sufficient and meet all requirements. You receive a testing setup that is targeted entirely to your core business processes and needs.

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Pierre Tendero

Head of Testing

This is Testing

With Swisscom Testing, you can rely on a well-thought-out and continuous consulting concept that supports you across the entire lifecycle of your software. You receive:

  • Targeted test strategies and processes on the basis of an intensive analysis of your core business and its dependencies to your IT landscape
  • A profound review of your available testing and measures stemming from it to exhaust any potentials for improvement that are detected
  • Experienced specialists who support you with the development of test methods and processes, and with the organisation and management of your tests
  • Support when it comes to drafting test automation concepts and automation frameworks
  • Test cases that are organised into repeatable and reusable functions as part of an automation procedure
  • Production-related load and performance tests in order to identify and remedy any performance deficiencies
  • A test landscape with a high degree of detail that allows you to analyse test progress, so that IT projects can be completed successfully and on time
  • Investment protection because you can reuse the resulting test sets across the entire lifecycle of the corresponding software
  • Support and operational strategies for the subsequent maintenance of the test suite

Your benefits

  • Quality assurance: You ensure the quality and performance of your IT infrastructure
  • Exactly what you need: The software-testing setup is targeted entirely to your core business processes and needs
  • Reusability: Thanks to the automation of test cases, you receive test sets that you can use repeatedly across the entire lifecycle of a software
  • Know-how transfer: The know-how pertaining to testing infrastructure, including all artefacts, will be passed on to you
  • Investment protection: This way, you protect your investments in an optimal way