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All-in Signing Service

The All-in Signing Service for digital signatures

Easy-to-integrate remote signatures as a service – become a partner
and accompany your customers into the digital future.

The All-in Signing Service is a cloud-based service for the legally binding electronic signing and timestamping of documents, making it a key element of digitisation.



The All-in Signing Service is the only solution from a European provider to cover both judicial areas: the EU/EEA (eIDAS Regulation)* and Switzerland (ZertES Signature Act). An interface for signatures and seals, with support in German, English, French and Italian.  



A free app (RA app) enables your customers to easily identify your colleagues, customers and partners. Or you can use existing identification data provided by banks or recognised E-IDs – including for qualified signatures!



We can also integrate your identification or authentication process. Alternatively, you can use our Mobile ID free in Switzerland or a combination of a password and a one-time SMS code abroad. Our APIs are standards-based and open.  

* Audited by KPMG


White label

Thanks to one-time signature certificates, the signatory does not need an account with us to request a revocation. You enjoy the advantages offered by Switzerland’s market leader for security with geo-reduntant data centres and your signature application remains the face you present to customers.  

The All-in Signing Service for qualified and advanced digital signatures

We believe in strong partnerships

Digital signatures have enabled us to fully digitise processes for our customers. You also can create added value for your customers by using and selling the Swisscom product as a white-labeled extension of your own portfolio. 

"CABAReT Solutions AG has been a sales partner of Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd since 2008 and, since December 2018, has held an RA agency contract for the implementation of the identification process as part of the All-in Signing Service for personal qualified signatures. We can therefore provide a full range of electronic signature services." Fritz Tschan, CEO, CABAReT Solutions AG.

"CB Financial Services AG has developed an end2end solution for video and online customer identification, interaction and contract signing. The service can be set up from any device and offers the possibility for document exchange, including a legally binding, fully digital contract conclusion with qualified signature. The solution can be used to manage all business transactions. This means that the opening of bank accounts and the conclusion of contracts is completely digitalised, regardless of location," says Roland Rüttimann, CEO CB Financial Services AG.

"With this service, customers can quickly and conveniently sign, seal or timestamp their documents and files without any kind of smartcard, card-reader or driver issues. The full extent of the All-in Signing Service is integrated into the Sign Live! signature software and available to any company for mass operations with high document volumes, as well as individual signatures." Karl Kagermeier, board member, intarsys AG.

"The Swisscom AIS Service is by far the most sophisticated qualified signature solution on the market. The enrollment process is well thought through and only takes a few minutes per user. Both eIDAS and ZertES are supported. With SecuChat, our secure instant messenger, we can therefore offer the most user-friendly electronic signature service for documents - it's simple, fast and secure," says Jean-Pierre Schmit, Jemmic CEO. 

"Processes that require a high level of trust are often difficult to digitise. Skribble bridges this gap. Legally binding contracts no longer need to involve printers and paper. Swiss start-up Skribble provides 100% digital signature processes, relying on the qualified electronic signature (QES) standard. Skribble gets its QES technology from Swisscom." Philipp Dick, CEO, Skribble.

"As a legally recognised Certificate Service Provider (CSP) and tech company, Swisscom is the ideal partner for us. Our USP of verified talent identity fits in superbly with Swisscom’s All-in Signing Service. We check the identity data and make it easy for workers and employers to use Swisscom’s signature services. With a Workonomix account, workers can sign their new contracts with a click." Vivek Anand, CEO, Workonomix.  

"The partnership with Swisscom has been a tremendous help in enabling XiTrust to close the gap to Switzerland. We have many clients with branches in Switzerland who, of course, wanted to use MOXIS here too. Our aim was to simplify the situation for our customer base and, at the same time, further establish our portfolio in the Swiss market. This was made possible because MOXIS has integrated Swisscom’s All-in Signing Service (AIS)." Andreas Koller, qualified engineer, CEO, XiTrust Germany.  

Here you will find all currently valid archived documents from the Swisscom Public Key Infrastructure (PKI):

  • Certificate Policies (CP) und Certification Practice Statements (CPS) – these documents describe the registration process, how to use the private key, the key regulations, the technical protection of the PKI systems and legal aspects.
  • Conditions of use


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