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All-in Signing Service

The All-in Signing Service for digital signatures

Easy-to-integrate remote signatures as a service – become a partner
and accompany your customers into the digital future.

The All-in Signing Service is a cloud-based service for the legally binding electronic signing and timestamping of documents, making it a key element of digitisation.



The All-in Signing Service is the only solution from a European provider to cover both judicial areas: the EU/EEA (eIDAS Regulation)* and Switzerland (ZertES Signature Act). An interface for signatures and seals, with support in German, English, French and Italian.  



A free app (RA app) enables your customers to easily identify your colleagues, customers and partners. Or you can use existing identification data provided by banks or recognised E-IDs – including for qualified signatures!



We can also integrate your identification or authentication process. Alternatively, you can use our Mobile ID free in Switzerland or a combination of a password and a one-time SMS code abroad. Our APIs are standards-based and open.  

* Audited by KPMG


White label

Thanks to one-time signature certificates, the signatory does not need an account with us to request a revocation. You enjoy the advantages offered by Switzerland’s market leader for security with geo-reduntant data centres and your signature application remains the face you present to customers.  

The All-in Signing Service for qualified and advanced digital signatures

Here you will find all currently valid archived documents from the Swisscom Public Key Infrastructure (PKI):

  • Certificate Policies (CP) und Certification Practice Statements (CPS) – these documents describe the registration process, how to use the private key, the key regulations, the technical protection of the PKI systems and legal aspects.
  • Conditions of use


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