Protection against misuse and/or leaks of sensitive company data
Activity logging, including reporting

Automatic notification if your security rules are breached

With the I-MARS protection concept, you have total control over access to and handling of your sensitive company data within your company.

Many companies are well protected against external data loss (e.g. firewalls, etc.). However, over half of data losses occur internally, and they are not always accidental. A wrongly stored file or an e-mail containing address information sent without authorisation is sufficient to cause a huge amount of damage. The I-MARS protection concept protects you from the inside. You decide what data needs to be protected and who is allowed to do what with it.

Your expert

Raffael Peluso

Product Manager

I-MARS stands for:


Objects that you decide need protection are identified and inventoried.


User activities (who does what with the data, when and where) are logged and securely stored in a central log repository.


You are immediately informed if the defined rules are broken


I-MARS offers you industry-specific reports and evaluations.


Provision of defined measures (e.g. place suspicious e-mails in quarantine).

The modular structure of I-MARS consists of two building blocks:

I-MARS Audit Guard

guarantees the transparency of user and system activities. Audit Guard answers the question: who in the company uses data, when and for what purpose?

More about Audit Guard

I-MARS Data Loss Prevention

prevents data leaks from your company, whether through duplication, incorrect storage, e-mail, etc.

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Your benefits

  • Transparency of user and system activities
  • Prevent leakage of sensitive company data
  • Warning in case of unauthorised activities