Identification of vulnerabilities from the perspective of an attacker
Comprehensive analysis and risk assessment of information security, infrastructure and processes
Determination of effective countermeasures

Identify cyber risks and remedy vulnerabilities

Ensure that hackers do not have a chance by minimising your cyber risks. The Swisscom modular security assessment checks your company’s organisational and technical security controls and identifies their vulnerabilities. Security experts provide you with a comprehensive individual assessment of the situation regarding your ICT and security organisation as well as recommended measures.

Your expert

Daniel Aegerter

ICT Security Consultant

This is Cyber Security Assessment

  • Individual and modular security checks of your company carried out by Swisscom security experts
  • Identification of vulnerabilities in information systems, applications and IT processes
  • Identification and assessment of risks based on the threat level
  • Monitoring and assessment of information security according to recognised standards (e.g. ISO 27002)
  • Detailed recommendation for improving the security of your ICT infrastructure

Your benefits

  • You gain an overview of the security status of your ICT infrastructure and its processes
  • You are familiar with the potential ICT risks and know how to minimise them
  • Security experts develop an optimal strategy with you for implementing security measures
  • You benefit from our extensive experience when planning and implementing projects in Switzerland and abroad