Safeguard the confidentiality of your customer data and prevent the unauthorised leakage of sensitive information.

Over half of all data losses occur internally, often unintentionally. The transfer of unauthorised data can cause a large amount of damage in this context. Furthermore, data protection laws and industry-specific regulations require that companies safeguard the confidentiality of customer data.

Data Loss Prevention is a service brought to you by the Swisscom I-MARS security concept. It selectively monitors interactions between your employees and suppliers, by email, on the web and on file storage and end devices. It checks the contents of these channels for sensitive data and compares them with a proven set of standard rules. If a breach is detected, a security incident is processed and initiated.

You can select the incident and approval process that best matches your needs. You are provided with a dedicated remediation tool for processing the incident.

The proofs you require are also generated periodically. This gives you the necessary transparency for ensuring compliance with the various regulations and verifying this.

Safeguard your company against unauthorised data leakage.

Put a stop to data leakage

Put a stop to the unauthorised transfer of sensitive data such as intellectual property, and prevent damage to your company's reputation.


Provide the compliance needed for confidential customer data


Define the scope of your information security and its introduction in phases according to your needs.


fulfil your duty of care

Assume the responsibility that your customers expect of you for their data.

sharpen your awareness

Your organization attains the awareness it requires for handling confidential company and customer data.

retain the overview

Your sensitive data is identified and interactions on all channels are monitored, documented and recorded.

Show awareness when handling data


Audit Guard will be of interest to you if you want to trace all of your system and user activities.

Getting started with Data Loss Prevention

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