Identity & Access Management

Define roles and rights for digital identities
Analyse the existing IAM landscape
Integrate the digital identities into a central administration

Centrally manage digital identities

Digital identities in a company are usually spread across different systems. Gaining oversight with regard to current roles and rights is possible only with great effort. To ensure the traceability of system rights for all employees, we analyse the existing roles and rights. That way, we can create the conditions for integrating digital identities into a central administration.

Your expert

Nicolas O. Millioud

Risk & Security Consultant

This is Identity & Access Management

  • Sign, authenticate and encrypt with digital certificates
  • Securely identify individual instances and permissions
  • Optimise business processes with authentication and authorisation and enhance security
  • Central administration of identities, roles and rights via the self-service portal
  • Consulting related to the topic of Identity & Access Management

Your benefits

  • All available digital identities, roles and rights are documented
  • Existing roles and rights are standardised and made consistent
  • The foundation is laid for fulfilling the need for traceability
  • The prerequisites for consolidating digital identities are in place