All-in Signing Service

Sign documents electronically in a legally valid way
Proof of the information’s integrity
Electronic signing, regardless of time, place and device

The electronic signature as a Managed Service for service providers, public authorities and companies

Legally binding electronic signature, regardless of time, place and device used. The All-in Signing Service optimises business processes, protects documents against manipulation and clearly identifies business partners.

Your expert

Hans Augstburger

Product Manager

This is the All-in Signing Service

  • Cloud service for electronic signature and time stamp for all types of files
  • Satisfies all the requirements of Swiss legislation (ZertES, GeBüV, ElDI-V) and it is KPMG-audited
  • Signatures for different uses: on-demand or mass signatures
  • Ensures recipients, contractual partners and lawmakers with regard to the authenticity and integrity of the information
  • Swiss managed service: operation and data storage within Switzerland
  • Combines the signing service and Mobile ID with the competence of Swisscom as an official Certificate Service Provider

Your benefits

  • Sign electronic documents at any time without the user having to install software
  • Digitalise your business processes, enhance efficiency and demonstrably save time and money
  • Ensure recipients, contractual partners and lawmakers concerning the authenticity and integrity of your electronic documents
  • The cloud service is operated in a highly available and highly secure Swisscom data centre in Switzerland

Service offers

Personal on-demand signatures

For processes that require a digital signature from a real person.

Mass signatures (enterprise)

Suitable for legally compliant digital signatures from legal entities.


With All-in Signing Service, you sign your documents electronically and save on paper, reducing environmental impact.

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