Supply Secure & Unified Remote Access
Authenticate Your Users Securely
Protect Privileged Accounts

Your challenges

Provide simple, flexible and secure remote access solutions to corporate resources.

Our Approach

Swisscom relies on a stage-by-stage methodology to implement an access management policy:

  • Identify company resources (critical or otherwise)
  • Identify populations requiring access
  • Implement technical solutions according to the criticality of information and user constraints

Supply Secure & Unified Remote Access

Your partners, clients and employees each use different devices, systems and services to access your IT. How can you offer this access simply, efficiently and without compromising your security?

Authenticate Your Users Securely

Validating the identity of an individual through 2-factor authentication solutions is crucial to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and traceability of your business data.

Protect Privileged Accounts

Administrator accounts are the keys to your IT and for this reason are the ideal targets for hackers and other potential attackers. These accounts must without fail be managed and monitored to avoid any loss of data.

Our skills

Through a flexible, experimented and responsive team we accompany enterprise's customers in their digital transformation.

Secure Remote Access
Virtual Private Networks
Strong Authentication

Privileged Identity Management
Network Access Control
Federated Identities / SAML

Single Sign-On

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