Comprehensive security solution for all mail servers
Optimum detection of spam, viruses, phishing and other threats
Configuration in minutes, full control in the admin portal

Optimum protection for your e-mails

Mail Security from Swisscom provides your users with reliable and comprehensive protection against spam, viruses, spyware and phishing. The cloud solution is compatible with all mail servers and is easy and quick to implement. In order to detect spam and other threats with certainty, the solution uses multistage processes and innovative technologies. All e-mails are redirected to the Mail Security service, filtered in real time and then delivered to the recipients. This guarantees optimum detection rates.

Your expert

Tim Rückforth

Product Manager Web & Mail Security

Access to the Mail Security admin portal

Login for Mail Security admin portal

The three components for effective e-mail security:

Anti-virus and anti-spyware

  • Detects and filters harmful e-mail attachments by means of signatures
  • Combination of the best scanning engines
  • Additional heuristics for unknown, new threats (First Wave)
  • Fully configurable, e.g. certain file formats can be excluded from scanning
  • Incoming and outgoing e-mails are filtered


  • Multistage, state-of-the-art processes for optimum detection rates
  • Full control of the settings, rules and logs in the admin portal
  • Best-practice configuration already set up
  • Quarantine, automatic deletion
  • Simple recovery and whitelisting
  • No e-mail contents are visible in the admin portal (headers only)
  • All e-mail transactions available in real time

E-mail archiving

  • Protects your e-mails from loss of data in the event that your mail server or internet connection fails (up to 5 days)
  • Longer archiving times are available as an additional option

Your benefits

Always up to date

  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Signatures updated every minute

Compliance and data storage

  • Compliance with your guidelines
  • Data storage in Swisscom's Swiss Data Centers

Cost saving

  • No hardware, software or maintenance necessary
  • Reduces the workload of your mail servers
  • You only pay for the actual number of users

Simple and effective

  • Configured for your mail server in just a few minutes
  • No user synchronisation via Active Directory required
  • Support incidents such as recovery and whitelisting are very easy to resolve

Full control

  • Intuitive admin portal with granular settings for each domain or user
  • Create an unlimited number of administrators, configurable user rights, reporting and real-time log, forensic data for all e-mail transactions

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