Protection against cybercriminals – don’t give spam, viruses and targeted attacks a chance!

With coronavirus, it’s all about handwashing. For your company, it’s all about protection against targeted cybercriminal attacks and making your email and internet communications even more secure. Swisscom’s Mail Security Service protects your infrastructure against malware and dangerous attacks. Regardless of whether you use your own mail server or rely on Hosted Exchange from Microsoft 365. 


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Van der Elst Philipp

Product Manager

Cybercriminals increasingly take advantage of times of crisis to launch targeted cyber attacks on companies. Email is an easy way to get in. Mail Security’s basic protection stops you receiving large amounts of spam and viruses. However, it is essential to install Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) in order to attain the high level of security that is currently required. This is the only way to protect yourself with confidence against targeted, sophisticated cryptotrojan, ransomware and phishing attacks. Swisscom Mail Security can be used in combination with your own mail server as well as Microsoft 365 and is offered as a cloud-based solution.


Comprehensive security for all mail servers and Microsoft 365 with the cloud solution

The cloud-based Mail Security solution is quick and easy to implement as part of your system and provides maximum protection against spam and malware. Advanced threats can be reliably blocked with sandboxing. Whether you use your own mail server or the new option to use Exchange Online from Microsoft 365, you’ll get top security from a single provider. Reliably protect your Microsoft cloud services and Outlook users from cyber attacks with 365 Total Protection.

The latest: reliably protect your Microsoft cloud services and Outlook users from cyber attacks
with 365 Total Protection. Learn more.

Simple implementation

Switching the service on only takes a few minutes. No additional hardware or software installations are required. 

Data storage

Your data is securely stored in ISO 27001 certified Swisscom data centres in Switzerland. 

Best protection

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, the service is always up to date. Signatures are updated every minute.

Don’t give malware a chance: reliably fend off attacks with spam and virus filters

Spam and virus filters check your incoming and outgoing emails for spam, phishing and viruses. Emails pass through a multi-layer filtering system and mail servers are protected against DDoS attacks. The Hornetsecurity spam filter service has the highest detection rates on the market, eliminating 99.9% of spam and 99.9% of viruses. Swisscom’s service saves your employees the time-consuming task of clearing spam.

Mail Security Service for own mail servers

Are you interested in taking the worry out of email? Download the factsheet on our cloud service and learn all about how Swisscom’s Mail Security Service protects your own mail server – without any extra administration work for you.

Protect yourself against sophisticated attacks with Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) from Hornetsecurity analyses your emails even more closely by opening attachments and links in a secure sandbox and checking for malicious code. It therefore recognises harmful content such as ransomware, and blended and targeted attacks. ATP also checks emails for new and known attack patterns to detect and prevent information theft. The Swisscom service therefore provides all-round protection for your email systems.

Keep your Microsoft 365 applications safe and work worry-free with Outlook etc.

Do you already work with Microsoft 365 in your business and want to fully protect your company data? 365 Total Protection is designed for Microsoft 365 applications and reliably protects your Microsoft cloud services from spam, viruses, and targeted attacks. 365 Total Protection Business and 365 Protection Enterprise give you two individually tailored packages to choose from.


Swisscom recommends that all companies with medium to high security requirements use an additional email security solution. In Microsoft 365, you can easily enable Mail Security before starting the service. This provides increased protection and additional functions are also available.

Find out more about Swisscom’s Office 365 services.

Your key benefits with 365 Total Protection

  • E-Mail Live Tracking:
    Monitors all email traffic in real time and defines filtering and delivery options.

  • Content Control:
    Prevents you from sending or receiving file attachments that are unauthorised under company policy.

  • Threat Defense:
    The multi-stage filter systems and in-depth analysis immediately detect and protect against new threats and attacks.

Find out about further advantages and security functions in the following factsheet:

365 Total Protection: security management
for Microsoft 365

Are you interested in taking the worry out of email? Download the factsheet on our Cloud Service and learn all about how Swisscom’s Mail Security Service protects Exchange Online and your Outlook users – without any extra administration work for you.

Data storage  

The service is provided entirely by Swisscom. It operates to the highest standards in ISO 27001 certified data centres in Switzerland.


Take the pressure off your IT department. Swisscom manages the entire life cycle.

Market leader

Proofpoint is an international market leader in email security solutions and a partner to Swisscom. 

Fend off dangerous emails with the dedicated environment

Emails containing malicious code pose a real threat to your company because they deliberately spy on sensitive data. Swisscom works with Proofpoint’s email security solution to provide the dedicated environment. This uses advanced technologies to detect dangerous emails, preventing attacks and malware from reaching your network. The Swisscom service therefore provides comprehensive protection for your email systems.

Mail Security in a dedicated environment

Mail Security from Swisscom reliably protects your network and your email systems against spam, viruses, phishing, Denial of Service (DoS), Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA) and other threats.


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Van der Elst Philipp

Product Manager

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