Strong authentication at a clearly calculable cost
Intuitive operation on a familiar mobile phone
Optimal combination of security and user-friendliness

Managed service for secure user authentication

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), cloud computing and working on a mobile basis require simple yet secure access procedures. With Mobile ID, your employees and customers log into your company’s portal and your applications and confirm transactions with a mobile phone. Very easy, and it can be used anywhere and with any mobile phone.

This is Mobile ID

  • Secure and user-friendly authentication for all company applications and online portals, such as online banking, via the familiar mobile phone
  • Maximum possible protection, thanks to two-factor authentication: possession (mobile phone or SIM card) and knowledge (Mobile ID PIN)
  • The Mobile ID application runs on the SIM card and does not require an app to be installed on the mobile phone
  • Because Mobile ID is a managed service, there is no need for you to set up and operate an infrastructure
  • The solution can be scaled quickly, irrespective of the number of applications and portals
  • High degree of user acceptance, maximum portability, intuitive use
  • Mobile ID enables explicit transaction confirmation of a text dynamically defined by the customer

Your benefits

  • Simplicity: secure user authentication and transaction confirmation with just a mobile phone
  • Mobility: Mobile ID is always there with the mobile phone
  • User-friendliness: intuitive use
  • Simple processes: users can activate their Mobile ID themselves (Selfcare Portal)
  • Flexibility: seamlessly integrated into your applications via standardised protocols
  • Costs: You get Mobile ID as a managed service at a monthly cost that can be budgeted. You only pay for the users who have the service in use

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