Perimeter Security & Threat Management

Provide secure web and email services
Publish your applications safely
Identify & remediate threats

Your challenges

Implement a reliable and secure network in a context where increasingly sophisticated attacks are on the rise.

Our Approach

A typical “all-in-one” approach cannot guarantee optimal protection against the most advanced threats. Swisscom relies on a technology watch approach to implement efficient infrastructures in terms of prevention, detection and remediation of security incidents.

Provide secure web and email services

Services indispensable to any business, Internet and messaging are also sometimes vectors of inappropriate behaviour and malicious activities. How can you provide these services to your users in total confidence?

Publish your applications safely

As your services are increasingly published online, you must provide your employees and partners with redundant applications and resources that are quickly accessible and totally secure.

Identify & remediate threats

Today, prevention alone is not enough to ward off the most sophisticated threats. It is becoming necessary to increase detection and investigation capabilities in relation to security incidents.

Our skills

Through a flexible, experimented and responsive team we accompany enterprise's customers in their digital transformation.

Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)
SMTP Gateway
Intrustion Prevention System (IPS)

Protection against Advanced Threats (APT)
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Web Security Gateways

Reverse Proxy
Security Analytics / SIEM

Our partners