The electronic signature for service providers, public authorities and companies

The All-in Signing Service is a cloud service that allows you to electronically sign and timestamp documents and files in a legally compliant manner. User interactions (secure signature initiation) take place using a mobile ID, thus guaranteeing maximum user acceptance. You also benefit from Swisscom expertise as a legally recognised Certificate Service Provider (CSP).

Applications and portals benefit from running a highly available and secure signing service. The service allows you to sign documents and files in compliance with legal requirements. The electronic signature safeguards the integrity and/or authenticity of said files to the contractual partner or legislator concerned in circumstances where natural or legal entities sign electronic documents. Signature application scenarios are supported by the Swiss Signature Act (ZertES) and Electronic Archiving Act (GeBüV). This service is certified for the EU (according to eIDAS = electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services) and audited by KPMG. Thus, the service can also be used for digital signatures in all EU countries and Switzerland via a technical interface, regardless of where the organisation is registered. This means that non-EU companies can also use the service for online transactions in the EU.

Swisscom has no access to the files and documents to be signed. Only the hash values (compressed and without reference to the contents) are transferred to the service for signing. The dynamically readable files and documents do not leave the customer's system environment. Users can legally sign the documents and data online, regardless of the device they are using (PC, tablet, computer or smartphone) or their location (in a shop, from home or on the road).

The service is aimed at manufacturers of signature applications or integrators who want to integrate qualified or advanced remote signatures into their signature applications. End users who want to sign directly in the cloud are referred to our cloud signature application "SwissTrustRoom".

Safeguards the authenticity and integrity of data/documents in accordance with regulatory requirements and the requirements of private law.

Sign electronic documents at any time without installing software on your device.

Digitalise your business processes and improve your efficiency, demonstrably saving time and money.

Guarantee the authenticity and integrity of your electronic documents to recipients, contractual partners and legislators.

The cloud service is run from a highly available secure Swisscom data centre in Switzerland.


you retain your infrastructure

you rely on our service

you pay for only what you need

Integrate this product into your existing systems.

We are here to address your concerns around the clock.

Our flexible pricing models give you extra financial leeway.

establish international networks

you learn from our experts

This solution is suitable if you also operate locations abroad.

Our highly experienced team are glad to pass on their knowledge and experience to you.

The solution at a glance

Personal on-demand signatures

Organisation’s signature (mass signature)

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With All-in Signing Service, you sign your documents electronically and save on paper, reducing environmental impact.

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Time Stamping Service

Established conventions for written business transactions require documents to be signed and dated. The increasing level of digitalisation in electronic commerce means that the documents can now be signed online with a timestamp by a time stamping service.

The Time Stamping Service from Swisscom allows you to ensure the legal validity and compliance of your electronic documents.

So, what are timestamps exactly?

Timestamps take the form of an electronically signed certificate and act as evidence that electronic data or documents were submitted in signed form at a particular time.

How does the Time Stamp Service work?

A fingerprint, or what is known as a 'hash', is generated from the document in question. The entire document is represented by several unique characters. A completely different hash is generated if changes are made to the document. This hash is sent to the Swisscom Time Stamping Service and Swisscom signs it with its own private key. On the way back, the signed hash is embedded back into the document, so that the document is time stamped.

The public key from the Time Stamping Service can be used at any time to check whether the timestamp is valid.

The benefits of timestamps:

  • Low costs
  • Accredited in Switzerland in accordance with ZertES
  • Simple and automated to use
  • Proof of when the document was time stamped and that it has not been changed since