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Zscaler Web Security

The cloud-based security service.

Zscaler delivers a comprehensive, global security architecture, developed for the cloud era. Get the Swisscom solution – with additional benefits.

Your benefits with Zscaler Cloud Security from Swisscom


As the leading security-as-a-service platform, Zscaler offers companies all over the world protection against cyber attacks and other dangers from the Internet.


Swisscom has its own technical Zscaler platform in its Swiss data center. You therefore know exactly where your data is.


The combination of the latest security technology and Swisscom’s experience gives you a fully comprehensive cloud-based security solution.


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Tim Rückforth

Senior Product Manager

Zscaler Internet Access

Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) protects employees, data and information from Internet dangers 24/7, in any location and on any device. Thanks to the cloud solution, you won’t need any appliances and your network architecture is simpler.


Transform your security model

Thanks to a direct-to-cloud connection, your users are protected wherever they work. Complexity and network infrastructure are also reduced.

Optimized for Office 365

Office 365 and other cloud applications need direct-to-cloud connectivity. Zscaler removes the need for backhauling and reduces network complexity. Performance is also improved and costs are lower.


More than just web security

With security technologies such as sandboxing, cloud-based firewalls, content and URL filters, and DLP, you get complete Internet security across all ports and protocols.


Swiss-based and globally available

With over 100 data centers, you benefit from top-level performance anywhere in the world. In Switzerland, the connection to the Swisscom backbone and its peerings to cloud providers such as Microsoft ensure optimal performance.


Zscaler Private Access

Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) is a cloud-based service for secure remote access to internal applications. The zero trust model enables you to simplify your network architecture.

Simple, low-cost architecture

Thanks to ZPA, you don’t need to connect internal applications to clouds such as AWS or Azure via expensive network tunnels.

Consistent access

Your users have seamless access across all apps and devices. The Zscaler Private Access app is the same as for Zscaler Internet Access.


Segment by application

Micro-tunnels enable you to directly manage user access to applications instead of having to manage networks, IPs, ACLs and FW policies.


Users never access the network

Authorized users have access to applications without accessing the network. This reduces complexity and the risk of lateral access. Thanks to ZPA, your applications are invisible to unauthorized users.


Best performance for cloud applications

ZPA ensures performance and scalability across your data centers and cloud providers without the need for hardware appliances.

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