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Does your business need to be more agile? Virtualisation will make it happen!

Every day, huge volumes of data run through today’s networks. The constant growth in data volumes is placing increasing demands on network infrastructure, consequently increasing its complexity, its cost and the resources diverted to it.

The demand for a complete package for different communication requirements with high levels of network security, availability and modularity requiring as little outlay as possible is growing.

Enterprise Connect with Software Defined Networking/Network Function Virtualisation (SDN/NFV) is exactly the right solution. All network components and services can be configured and monitored centrally in real time, and functional modifications can be implemented at the touch of a button. An online dashboard is used to interact with your cloud-based and virtualised networks, and you can customise your services to cater to the respective requirements at any time. Flexible price models allow resources and costs to be planned optimally, and functional modifications can be implemented within minutes.

Use all the advantages of digitalisation, and start by making your network more intelligent, faster, and more agile.

Your expert

Adrian Schmid

Produkt Manager

The solution at a glance:

Interact with your cloud-based and virtualised network services directly.


The functionality of the services can be upgraded and customised within minutes, allowing the deployment time for services ordered to be cut from several weeks to just minutes.


Enterprise Connect is designed for self-installation, however the option of having installation performed by Swisscom is also offered.


The modular solution adapts to cater to your requirements and the communication structure at your company, and can be easily upgraded.


The new solution is compatible with the existing network, voice and cloud services provided by Swisscom. All existing functionalities remain available at all times during a migration.


you can rely on our service

only pay for exactly what you need

your data remains in Switzerland

We are happy to attend to your request in accordance with the solution package selected under your service level agreement.

Flexible price models allow you to increase your financial leeway.

Swisscom is a traditional Swiss company operating under Swiss law. You data are securely stored on the Swisscom Cloud and its servers in Switzerland.

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