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Traditional fixed network connections (TDM)

Traditional fixed network connections (TDM)

Fixed network solutions for all requirements
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The traditional fixed network connections for companies from Swisscom

Traditional fixed network connections are the perfect solution for your business telephony with one or more speech channels and beneficial price plans. We use TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) to connect your company to the public telephone network. The solution provides all key features of traditional telephony, while fulfilling the highest security and reliability standards.

These are our fixed network solutions:

You get as much fixed network as you need: Choose the appropriate solution for you from one of the following three offers, or call one of our experts for advice without obligation.

Your benefits

  • With traditional fixed network connections, you and your company can always be reached.
  • Maximum availability and reachability with optimum price/performance ratio

MultiLINE: 2 lines, 3 telephone numbers

  • Fixed network connection (copper) with 2 lines and 3 telephone numbers
  • 2 lines with 1 digital and 2 analogue interfaces
  • Simultaneous telephoning, faxing and surfing
  • Presence, absence and identification management
  • Extensive services and support
  • Numerous add-on options

BusinessLINE: 2 or 30 lines, up to several thousand phone numbers

  • Fixed network connection (copper or optical fibre) Basic connection (BRI) with 2 lines or primary connection (PRI) with 30 lines
  • Digital primary phone number or up to 10 freely combinable direct-dial blocks
  • Presence, absence and identification management
  • Extensive services and support
  • Numerous add-on options

EconomyLINE: 1 line, 1 telephone number

  • 1 analogue connection with 1 telephone number
  • Presence and absence management
  • Telephone answering machine COMBOX® basic
  • Extensive services and support
  • Numerous add-on options


  • Within the scope of modernisation work, on your telephony services, Swisscom will be replacing traditional fixed network telephony (e.g. EconomyLINE, MultiLINE, BusinessLINE, etc.) with cutting-edge IP telephony by the end of 2017.
  • When reinstalling, extending or repairing your systems, we recommend investing in IP telephony (e.g. VoIP Gate, Managed Business Communication, Managed Communications & Collaboration Microsoft, Managed Communications & Collaboration Cisco, etc.).