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Attractive employer

Attractive employer

Become an attractive employer –

with flexible working models

Digital natives expect more from their employer

For digital natives, a good work-life balance is one of the key requirements to be met by an employer. Talents aged 20 to 30 place great value on flexible, location-independent working. By 2020, Generation Y will make up around 40 per cent of the working population. Invest in the future and make an effort to meet the requirements and expectations of the coming generation – it will be worth it. With Work Smart, you create the best conditions for modern forms of working and can keep up in the “war for talents”.

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The benefits of digital forms of work

Increasing the productive working time

With the introduction of modern work and collaboration solutions, known as Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC), unproductive working time can be reduced by up to 75 per cent. Employees can communicate and collaborate regardless of location and device – even with external partners or customers. Shared collaboration platforms allow all those involved to access relevant data at any time. Internal and external parties can be connected much more easily, independently of their location.

Better health and quality of life

Investigations show that working from home brings employees and companies many advantages. Those who can work from home in addition to their time in the office are more satisfied, take fewer breaks, call in sick less often and are ultimately more productive. This requires a good connection to the company network, optimal software and communications tools, and clear regulations.

Make use of your employees’ full potential

It is not only young people who take integrated communications and collaboration solutions for granted these days and no longer want to manage without them at work. Older employees have also learned to value their advantages in their personal lives. Companies that provide modern UCC platforms are not only more attractive as employers, but can also make better use of the productivity potential provided by these technically savvy employees who are in demand on the employment market.

What approach is being taken to the transformation into the new world of work?

SBB has taken the step towards becoming a modern company and entirely revolutionised its world of work. Now 10,000 employees communicate and collaborate using modern UCC solutions. This gives employees the option to work from home or on the move – and they can do so with ease.


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