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Competitiveness in the digitised world –

with modern forms of work

More productivity and innovation
thanks to modern forms of work

Thanks to digitisation, competition has intensified and become more global. The competition is now just a click away and customer requirements have also changed – they want to make use of services around the clock. Companies have to adapt their strategy, products and services, the customer experience and, in particular, business processes to these new requirements. This requires a cultural transformation to flexible forms of work. Especially when it comes to communication and collaboration between employees, partners and customers, there is great potential to increase productivity, support innovative business processes and reduce costs.

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The benefits of digital work processes

Increasing the productive working time

With the introduction of modern work and collaboration solutions, known as Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC), unproductive working time can be reduced by up to 75 per cent. Employees can communicate and collaborate regardless of location and device – even with external partners or customers. Shared collaboration platforms allow all those involved to access relevant data at any time. Internal and external parties can be connected much more easily, independently of their location.

Increased productive working time thanks to modern collaboration

Bringing together knowledge and skills

To make innovations possible and quick to implement, employees must be able to exchange expertise effectively and easily. Collaboration platforms enable precisely this. For example, at Swisscom we use “Ask the Brain”. This tool helps to identify and network knowledge and skills within the company. In addition, it brings people with questions together with experts. With this collaboration platform, we have been able to answer 91 per cent of questions, and 53 per cent of them even within 48 hours.

Greater quality of life thanks to working from home and flexible forms of working

Optimising and accelerating sales processes

Whether for the first contact, in sales consulting or in order processing,

the more individual communications tools are used, the slower processes become and the higher the quantity of error sources. This, in turn, leads to a greater internal workload and increasing costs. Using UCC solutions intelligently can reduce sales cycles by up to 40 per cent. In addition, fast customer communication that covers all channels significantly increases customer satisfaction. This results in new opportunities to increase value creation through up and cross selling.

War for talents – make use of your employees’ full potential

Cultural transformation is required

Before you can benefit from the advantages of digitised forms of work, the employees need to accept and actively use the newly implemented solutions. A cultural transformation has to take place. Five years ago, Swisscom switched to Unified Communications and Collaboration. For successful implementation, it was necessary to not only master technical challenges, but also create a cultural transformation.

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