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Recent studies, practical case studies and exciting trends relating to Work Smart are available free of charge from our download centre.

Studies on flexible and efficient collaboration



For this study, employees from SBB and Swisscom spent two months splitting their working hours between home and the road. The analysis showed that the employees were more content and more productive thanks to the practical combination of mobility and work flexibility. It also revealed that shifting to off-peak travel times lessened the burden on the transport infrastructure, and the commuters themselves were more relaxed.

WorkAnywhere IT

Mobile flexible working presents very specific challenges to corporate IT. This is the subject matter for the study with a focus on IT.

WorkAnywhere HR

New flexible working models place special demands on human resources management. This study identifies the main areas to be aware of in HR.

WorkAnywhere Marketing/Business

This study focuses on conventional "knowledge workers" who no longer work nine to five in an office or have to spend their commute on packed trains and in traffic jams.

How Work Smart can help you on a daily basis


Example application in business processes

Making business processes more efficient allows you to focus on your core business – and remain competitive in the long term.

Example application in HR

HR managers can score brownie points with sought-after talent through flexible working models and so achieve an optimum position on the fiercely competitive job market.

Example application in IT

Corporate IT departments are under increasing pressure. Smart solutions can harmonise the IT and business sides and help them boost efficiency together.

Example application in B2C retail

New IT tools enable face-to-face communication without anyone having to leave their office or take a business trip.

UCC migration

There are several important aspects to consider if you plan to introduce communication and collaboration solutions to your company. Uncover the success factors that can make or break a UCC migration.