Work Smart Coaching


Expert support on the path to modern collaboration with Work Smart.

New communication and collaboration tools are paving the way for innovative forms of collaboration and flexible work models. It has been proven that the more closely employees are involved in processes of change, the more successful Work Smart will be for your company.


Our Work Smart Coaching Team will give you comprehensive support and accompany you on your journey to smart working.

Workshop: discover the possibilities for your modern world of work

Interpreting needs and recognising opportunities for your company: at a workshop involving your HR, marketing or communication representatives and our experts, we will help you identify where your company currently stands from a cultural point of view. Our experts will then show you what opportunities are available for your company and what your path to smart collaboration in the digital, connected world might look like.

Our Work Smart Coaches have experienced this journey and the associated culture change themselves and will pass on their valuable experiences to you. Register for the free workshop now.

Coaching: reverse mentoring by the young generation

The key to success when it comes to introducing new forms of work is their acceptance by your employees. We can get them onside for you through targeted coaching by our young generation of experts. Your employees will be accompanied on their journey into the new world of communication by the next generation, who can provide them with essential knowledge to help them take full advantage of the Work Smart features.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer you information days, training sessions, floor walking, training documents or internal marketing tools.

Support: establishing Work Smart in your company as a long-term solution

After the workshop and/or coaching has taken place on your premises, we want to make sure that Work Smart becomes a long-term solution for your company. That is why we will continue to support you until the Work Smart culture is firmly embedded in your company.

How you benefit

  • Modern working methods are quickly learnt and new technology effectively used.
  • Work Smart is passed on to your employees by likeable individuals.
  • Your employees are taught new working methods and receive help with new technologies.
  • Your employees are happier to use Microsoft Skype for Business, SharePoint, Cisco Jabber, Unify Circuit.

Your expert

Jasmine Torfi

Work Smart Coach