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Client Migration and Rollout

Client Migration and Rollout

Risk-free workplace system changes
Mobilisation with tablets
Role-based workplaces

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Mr Thomas Haller

+41 58 225 88 21

Rollout and migration of new and existing workplace systems

You would like to migrate your workplace systems – e.g. to a new Windows or Office version? With our tried-and-tested services you can significantly reduce the risks related to the migration of PC workplaces as well as the processing time.

This is Client Migration and Rollout

  • Review of application compatibility and the migration of data and programs
  • Completion of any required adjustments in the backend systems and introduction of role-based workplaces
  • Replacement of previous hardware: preparation of new devices (staging) and installation for the user
  • For the deployment of tablets with different operating systems: support with the development of company-specific mobile apps and the setup of an own app store
  • Tablet rollouts: configuration of the devices in line with your needs, assembly of the desired accessories

Your benefits

  • Efficient migration of PC workplaces
  • Reduced risk through tried-and-tested procedures and the utilisation of Swisscom experts
  • Thanks to Persona-Consulting, the basis for introducing role-based workplaces is in place
  • Flexible service provision (e.g. staging at your location or in a central staging factory)
  • Reduced burden on your employees during the rollout project