Digital fax as a Managed Service:
Secure and efficient fax and document management

Is the fax still an important communication medium for you today, yet you want to switch to All-IP? Are you unsure which processes you would need to newly establish or immediately adjust? ZeroFax Business could be the answer to your questions.

ZeroFax Business is a new hybrid fax service that supports you through the digital transformation processes. You can continue to fax digitally without interruption and can approach the fax change process when the time is right for you, managing this independently.

ZeroFax Business cornerstones

  • The hybrid nature of the solution (traditional fax delivery on the basis of best effort and simultaneous digitisation) allows you to continue your paper-based work while the fax is digitally processed in the background at the same time.

  • Incoming and outgoing faxes are electronically signed and time-stamped as they are digitally processed. This means that the digital faxes (signed PDFs) comply with the Swiss business records regulations (GeBüV) and can be archived quickly and securely.

  • This creates new possibilities for fax monitoring, management and centralisation through the many ways in which faxes can be delivered to fax numbers, user groups or even organisational units. And all this from just one solution.

Your expert

Marcel Kurz

Specialised Sales

Take this easy step into the digital age thanks to hybrid solutions


High data security

Without exception, all digital fax documents (PDFs) are electronically signed, time-stamped and encrypted upon delivery.


Simple application

ZeroFax Business requires no training thanks to the intuitive applications. 


One-stop solution

ZeroFax Business is based on established Swisscom standard products.


you can keep your infrastructure

your data security is not left to chance

you receive all this from one solution

ZeroFax Business can be integrated into your existing infrastructure easily and without complications, without the need to adapt any customer processes.

Data and/or faxes are saved multiple times at various locations.

With Swisscom you have a single point of contact for infrastructure and licenses.

your data remains in Switzerland

you can benefit from one central overview

the solution offers simple added value

Swisscom is a traditional company operating under Swiss law. Your data stays here.

Depending on the configuration, ZeroFax Business can monitor and control all your fax traffic from a web app.

ZeroFax Business can also be deployed and used as a highly secure document exchange platform.

The solution at a glance

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