Make the world your conference room with just a few clicks

Conferencing Services enable you to engage in secure discussions and collaborate interactively with colleagues, customers and partners throughout the world, regardless of where they are. Launch your telephone conference or online meeting with just a few clicks an without any basic service charges.

Telephone conferencing & interactive online meetings
Organise meetings yourself or have them organised by us
No set-up costs, no fixed costs (pay-per-use)

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Antonio Rizzo

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Phone consulting


For telephone consultation and conference enquiries you can reach the Conferencing Service Office at

0800 800 205


Opening hours Service Office:
Mon to Fri:
07:00 to 20:00 (excl. holidays)
Sat and Sun, incl. holidays:
08:00 h until 14:00 h


What are Conferencing Services?

  • Conference dial-in: International, local and via freephone numbers
  • Various types of conferencing: e.g. webinar, event, emergency conference, dial-in, dial-out
  • Standard version: You organise your conference yourself via a web portal
  • Premium version: Swisscom organises, coordinates and moderates your conference, while individual consulting is provided by the Swisscom Conferencing Team.
  • Collaboration: Share content and edit documents collaboratively (desktop sharing, screen sharing) during conferences.
  • Tool for displaying on-screen presentations during conferences; participants can ask questions on it directly.
  • User-friendly conference portal in four languages
  • Other features: e.g. Outlook add-in, other new features being added all the time

Your benefits

  • You can discuss efficiently with customers, partners and colleagues throughout the world.
  • Simple user interface and ease of use
  • No basic service charges and immediately available
  • State-of-the-art conferencing applications and extensive conferencing services
  • Considerable experience of the Swisscom Conferencing Team, including personal consulting in four languages
  • Data storage in Switzerland (For 3rd level support cases, the application manufacturer has access to application data from Germany. The access is monitored by Swisscom.)

Getting started with Conferencing Services

Order access

You would like to organise your conferences via a web portal.



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