Flexible workplace framework
Up to 90 % fewer routine tasks
Workplaces that are always secure and up-to-date

The efficient update service for your workplaces

Reduce the time needed for routine activities related to the maintenance of workplace environments by up to 90 %. Our service can also be used without an outsourcing solution.

Your expert

Thomas Haller

Senior Solution Consultant

This is the Dynamic Workplace Framework

  • In today’s dynamic IT environments and in desktop virtualisation, the platform updates from large manufacturers need to be carried out at ever-shorter intervals
  • Swisscom can reduce the load: you receive an up-to-date set of tested and harmonised components (operating system, basic system settings, best practice configurations)
  • Lifecycle management with a sensible mix of technical innovation and risk minimisation
  • Available for Rich Workplace and Connected Workplace platforms (Terminal Server, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
  • Monthly fixed price  

Your benefits

  • Thanks to the standardised services, the time needed for routine tasks is reduced significantly
  • You can focus on business-critical processes and business applications
  • You reduce the security risk in workplace management
  • Extensive operating experience and regular know-how updates
  • You retain control over the system and remain flexible
  • High cost security and transparency

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