Procurement and operation of your printer fleet
Automatic replacement toner orders
Maintenance and support

Modular services for efficient printing in your company

Work more efficiently with your documents – whether in printed or digital form – and reduce costs at the same time. With the Managed Print Service, Swisscom ensures your printers are operated in an optimum and economical manner.

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Martin Loch

Manager Solution Consultant Printing

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This is the Managed Print Service

  • Selection of printers in the desired performance class, categorised based on various types of use (local, network or MFP printer)
  • Procurement and operation of the printer fleet by Swisscom
  • First level support throughout the whole of Switzerland
  • IMACD Services (Installation, Move, Add, Change, Dispose)
  • Supplies Service (consumables and accessories)
  • Selectable service modules for provisioning (Strategic Sourcing & Warehousing, Lifecycle Management), for order management (Customer Logistics) and for operation and maintenance (Repair Services and Support)

Your benefits

  • You don’t need to bother with product trends or choosing the right device
  • Your fleet of printers is standardised and therefore cheaper to operate
  • Your existing printers are integrated into the new environment
  • Swisscom carries out permanent monitoring of the entire printer fleet
  • Your printers work in a more environmentally friendly manner (optimised paper, toner and energy consumption)
  • You have complete transparency and control in your entire print environment
  • Support, repairs and maintenance from a single source throughout Switzerland

The right model for all requirements

You select the appropriate service modules and options within the Managed Print Service:


  • Consumables: the handling of all processes regarding consumables, from the initial purchase and storage to delivery to the printer.
  • Service level: from coverage during local office hours to 24x7 availability with agreed repair times.
  • Document Services: extension of the Managed Printing Service portfolio with Document Services, such as Follow-Me Printing or operation of the print and management server by Swisscom


With Managed Print Service (MPS), you work with a printer fleet in top condition: it’s the ideal way to reduce your use of printer, paper and toner.

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