Telephony from the cloud:
Simple – flexible – inexpensive

With the telephony system (virtual PBX) from the Cisco cloud, you can not only make company-internal calls via the cloud PBX, but also external calls to the public telephone network. The all-in-one solution therefore offers optimised collaboration with employees, customers and partners without any media disruptions, especially for smaller companies.


How Cisco Webex Calling works

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Your advantages with Cisco Webex Calling

Install hardware for the telephone system at every business location? Tediously assign new telephone numbers? That can now be a thing of the past, because with Cisco Webex Calling you can manage and configure the solution yourself via an online portal. You can set up new employees and locations in no time at all. What's more, your employees can configure standard settings such as voice mail and much more themselves.


Low administrative outlay thanks to configuration and management via self-service in the Administration and User portal.


As the solution is integrated in the Webex platform, features of Webex Teams and Webex Meetings can also be used.


Cloud solutions reduce the investment requirements in hardware and infrastructure - because the entire system is in the cloud.

How Cisco Webex Calling works


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