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International Partner & Alliances


Partner & Alliances

Strong partnerships for impressive performance

In order to meet the requirements of our Swiss customers with a national and international orientation, we network with innovative companies around the world. In this way, we systematically combine creative ideas and can supplement our own strengths with the developments and offerings of our partners.

Only together with our partners can we meet the high standards of our customers.

With regard to business customers, we maintain strategic partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, Cisco and many others, in order to supplement our own extensive experience with the ideas of our partners and to be able to offer the best solutions. In an international environment we maintain a key partnership with Verizon, in order to be able to offer a service and network to customers with an international orientation.


Swisscom Enterprise Customers is the leading company in Switzerland focussing on addressing the ICT needs of the biggest companies and organisations, with both national international orientations. The core competencies of Swisscom Enterprise Customers include integrated communication solutions, IT infrastructure and cloud services, workplace solutions, SAP services, and extensive outsourcing solutions, particularly for the banking and finance industry.


Swisscom has signed a strategic partnership with FreeMove in order to offer to their Swiss multinational customers not only the best mobile network in Switzerland but also in the rest of Europe and globally.