Success Story of Center for Young Professionals in Banking

«As a learning medium and work tool, the tablet gives our students access to the entire body of knowledge at any time, and from any location. Thanks to Swisscom, we can manage all devices centrally.»

Ronny Wallnöfer,
project manager of «Future Learning», Center for Young Professionals in Banking

Innovative learning concept for the Center for Young Professionals in Banking (CYP)

More than 5,500 commercial trainees and school leavers from across Switzerland attend the CYP, the Swiss banks’ centre of excellence for basic banking training.

The students previously had to keep track of a large number of documents in printed and digital form. The constant to and fro between printed material and exercises on the computer used to make learning difficult.

In August 2012, the new students received a Samsung Galaxy Tablet on loan as part of the “Future Learning” project. Documents can be accessed via an app on an exclusive cloud. This allows the students to work from any location and also increases security, as data is stored centrally.

With Swisscom Mobile Device Services, the CYP receives the tablets and managed services from a single source. The devices are managed centrally via remote management, which makes it possible to distribute files and updates to all students simultaneously. The customer does not have to worry about logistics or security, and a fixed monthly price per user means that the costs can be planned and are always transparent.

These products are used by CYP

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