Success story MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG

«Thanks to our close collaboration with Swisscom, we are leading the way in Switzerland where free WiFi is concerned.»

Daniel Bopp,
WLAN-Management, MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG

A powerful hotspot for a cool surfing experience.

At the Messe Basel, thousands of people enjoy fast mobile Internet access. Swisscom‘s Managed PWLAN Service with maximum bandwidth offers an outstanding surfing experience.

The challenge: to provide a powerful wireless network capable of meeting the highest demands.

With five exhibition halls, a congress centre and a music venue, Basel boasts the largest and most important exhibition and congress facility in Switzerland, and one of the most prominent in Europe. Event organisers and visitors alike demand high-quality infrastructure. Daniel Bopp, part of the WLAN management team at MCH Messe (Schweiz) Basel AG, says: “Nowadays, people expect to be able to surf on their mobile devices free of charge. Usage of our PWLAN is increasing exponentially. More than 9,500 people have been logged on at the same time here! Of course, we need a solution that extends beyond the usual boundaries.”

The solution: high bandwidth opens the door to digitisation.

When it came to developing and implementing the PWLAN solution, Swisscom’s experts were able to draw on an abundance of resources. The redundant Managed PWLAN Indoor Service offers an outstanding surfing experience, with Swisscom constantly monitoring and optimising bandwidth. Customers and guests of event organisers can enjoy ultrafast, permanently available mobile Internet access throughout the premises. With its CWLAN over PWLAN solution, Swisscom is the only provider of such a service in Switzerland, enabling Messe staff and suppliers to use the infrastructure it provides for the PWLAN for ticketing and logistics. Additional services such as temporary PWLAN facilities in exhibition tents or a hotspot in the Basel Congress Centre are also available. Exhibition organisers also enjoy the benefits of the PWLAN Extranet, the login page for which can be individually adapted to each event, and via which orders and reports can be managed.

The result: highly attractive free WiFi popular with customers and visitors.

“It is exciting to work so closely with Swisscom,” says Daniel Bopp. “The sheer size of the events and the specific needs of exhibitors mean that we are constantly faced with new challenges. The Messe Basel is like a testing ground for Swisscom – when we find solutions, we both benefit, and we always receive state-of-the-art equipment. This leads to unique innovations: what works here will work anywhere! We can offer our customers pioneering services, which they value very highly.”

This product is used by MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG

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