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Success Story of Neopost

«With our products and services, we help our customers to become faster and more efficient. Swisscom helps us to do this.»

Corinne Brügger,
Marketing Director, Neopost

Franking systems that transmit tariff information online

Neopost AG is a leading Swiss provider of franking systems. Modern franking systems are connected to its server and that of Swiss Post via the Internet.

The challenge: to create a seamless digital connection for franking systems

How can the tariff information, software and statistics (cost centre data and accurate Swiss Post invoicing) on franking systems always be kept up to date? And how can remote diagnosis be carried out and cost centres expeditiously managed? By enabling the franking systems used by Neopost customers to communicate with the Swiss Post and manufacturer’s servers via the Internet. “We are investing in the further technological development of our products at our own research and development centres,” explains Marketing Director Corinne Brügger, “as well as in the development of IP-capable machines. Swisscom’s announcement that the end of analogue connections is getting closer has provided added impetus. Either way, we advise our customers to switch to IP because they can work even more efficiently that way.”

The solution: always up to speed via LAN

Since the end of 2009, Neopost has been offering IP-based franking systems that are connected to the customer’s LAN (local network). To download the latest statistics, the franking system automatically connects to the Swiss Post server every day. It communicates with the manufacturer’s server to download software updates. Thanks to the “All IP” principle, customers only need a single line for their telephony, fax, Internet and franking systems. The connections are faster and more secure than ever before, making overloaded servers and waiting times a thing of the past.

The result: simple, accurate franking – with style

Corinne Brügger lists some more benefits of the IP-based systems: “They can also be personalised. For example, our customers can add an advertisement (e.g. logo, mark, etc.) or text (e.g. anniversary) next to the postmark. Motifs for special occasions such as Christmas or Easter are very popular. They enable our customers to send good wishes to the recipients of their letters. Thanks to the stable connection with the servers, franking system statistics are always up to date and seasonal motifs can easily be downloaded. The integrated weighing system calculates the weight of a letter and automatically franks it at the correct tariff. Franking has never been so simple!”

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