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«It’s cheap, easy to operate and can be used anywhere: the conferencing solution provided by Swisscom is just what we need.»

Erwin Jaggi,
ICT-Support, New Apostolic Church of Switzerland

Experience church services remotely over the phone.

The New Apostolic Church of Switzerland has around 33,000 members. To allow even old and ill worshippers to witness its services, it uses a solution provided by Swisscom.

The challenge: to ensure live transmissions to 1,000 households.

Not all members of the New Apostolic Church are able to physically attend the services. This may be due to illness or limited mobility. Nevertheless, the church wants them to be able to follow sermons in real time, by means of a telephone conference. “When looking for an appropriate solution for this, we began by formulating our requirements profile”, relates Erwin Jaggi, responsible for ICT support. “Live transmissions needed to be possible from 100 churches at the same time and we wanted them to reach between 500 and 1,000 members. All the potential solution partners we contacted declared this to be impossible. Except for Swisscom, who outshone the rest in being the only provider to offer sufficient manpower and technical infrastructure.”

The solution: volunteers organise everything on their own.

The new conferencing solution from Swisscom impresses day-to-day users in every respect. Voluntary members in the various parishes organise the live transmissions themselves on the conferencing web portal. They enter the destination numbers of the members to be included and define the time periods for transmissions. It is also possible to program series such as “every second Sunday from 8.45 to 11.00 a.m.” Everything else is dealt with automatically by the conferencing system, which triggers the conferences at the reserved times and sets up the connections. On average, 450 parish members staying at home receive a phone call punctually before the church service begins. A Swisscom operator monitors the process in the background and provides support if any problems arise.

The result: every word finds its way to the worshippers.

“It’s cheap, easy to operate and can be used anywhere: the conferencing solution provided by Swisscom is just what we need”, praises Erwin Jaggi. “In the past, we had a system with manual dial-in – the call charges were around 60 percent higher. What’s more, we now only pay for services that we actually use. Thanks to the clear processes and training from Swisscom employees, our voluntary members are perfectly able to cope with the programming. If any problems arise, they can consult Swisscom directly. It becomes apparent here how willing the conferencing team is to help – they’re really sweet!”

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