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Python & Peter

Python & Peter

Success story Python & Peter

«Based on our good experience, we will suggest the Swiss Trust Room to further clients.»»

Pascal Fontaine,
IT Manager , Python & Peter

Secure data exchange worldwide

Specialising in commercial law and international arbitration, law firm Python & Peter are major players in their industry. More than 75 employees represent the interests of their clients in Switzerland and across the globe. When exchanging sensitive data, the company relies on Swiss Trust Room.

The initial situation: clients’ needs are taken seriously

At Python & Peter, confidential digital documents have essentially been transmitted electronically (e-mail) or via CD/DVD until now. Some clients expressed the wish to be able to share data in a secure manner and in real time – from any location. «Developing our own solution is not one of our core competencies», recalls Pascal Fontaine, IT manager at Python & Peter. «The security aspect was key for us. Data has to be saved physically on a server in Switzerland and must be available around the clock – the solution also has to be more cost effective than an internal solution.»

The solution; a virtual highly secure room for meetings

Swisscom’s Swiss Trust Room is a hermetically sealed platform for collaboration, which has several security levels. In this «room», solicitors from Python & Peter can speak to their clients, exchange confidential data online and jointly edit this data. It does not matter where the conference participants are located. As soon as participants receive the authentication key, they can enter the virtual meeting room for their files using a multi-level secure login procedure. Once the connection has been established, participants receive an additional key, either via their mobile phone or a certificate transmitted by Swisscom. This can be likened to a safe whose keys are stored with several people.

The benefits for clients: ultimate discretion for confidential data

«Swiss Trust Room is the perfect solution for our clients», adds Pascal Fontaine. «Despite its exceptional level of security, the platform is very user friendly. Data is transmitted via a certified 128-bit encryption and is managed at two locations in Switzerland. Thanks to detailed logging in the Swiss Trust Room, the participants’ activities can be tracked. For example, we can see whether somebody has simply read a document or whether they have also changed it. Feedback from clients has been very positive. We will therefore continue to recommend the Swiss Trust Room to other clients, too.»

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Swiss Trust Room

The highest security level for exchanging information confidentially within C-level committees or within confidential projects.

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