Sandoz Foundation Hotels

Sandoz Foundation Hotels comprises five hotels at beautiful locations in western Switzerland. The hosts provide their discerning customers with excellent service, including fast, easy and secure internet access via Managed PWLAN from Swisscom.  


The wireless internet access is used intensively at the businesses operated by Sandoz Foundation Hotels. Many employees and around 1,200 guests log in every day during hotel stays, seminars, meetings etc. This makes a hotspot solution necessary that guarantees broad bandwidth, a lot of user comforts and maximum stability.  


Sandoz Foundation Hotels has been relying on the Managed PWLAN Service from Swisscom since 2002. After comparing providers, the group recently extended the service to three further hotels. Outsourcing the operation, monitoring and support to Swisscom has enabled the Sandoz Foundation Hotels to increase efficiency.  

Sandoz Foundation Hotels

> Sector: Hotel and tourism industry

> Lausanne: Beau-Rivage Palace, Lausanne Palace, Angleterre & Résidence, Château D’Ouchy

> Neuchâtel: Palafitte  

> Zermatt: Riffelalp Resort 2222 m 

>  Employees: approx. 900


These products are used by Sandoz Foundations Hotels

Managed PWLAN

High-performance wireless Internet access for your visitors, guests and customers.