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Touring Club Schweiz (TCS)

Success Story of Touring Club Schweiz (TCS)

«Customer inquiries are sent to the right employee thanks to a push system. We are proud of this innovation!»

Thomas Canonica,
Director of Customer Interaction , Touring Club Schweiz (TCS)

Innovations for perfect customer service

With 1.6 million members, the Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) is Switzerland‘s largest motoring association and is committed to freedom of choice with regard to modes of transport. The cloud- based Managed Contact Center Service allows employees to process inquiries from members and customers more efficiently.

The initial situation: 1.7 million contacts needed to be correctly managed

The TCS Customer Interaction Center receives around 1.7 million inquiries from club members and customers each year. With the previous call center solution, ultra-fast responses to inquiries relating to assistance for vehicles and people were ensured at all times. However, the situation regarding consulting and sales for insurance services was unclear at times. Every branch office had its own telephony solution, which made it impossible to record and analyse sales activities centrally. The TCS was seeking a new end-to-end solution for customer communications to optimise its processes and improve the customer satisfaction of its members.

The solution: Congestion-free traffic for all inquiries and data

With the Managed Contact Center and further Swisscom services, the TCS can now record and analyse all assistance and sales activities centrally. «We know the current processing status of every single inquiry», says a satisfied Thomas Canonica, Director Customer Interaction Center. «And this is regardless of how the inquiry was received: by phone, e-mail, post or fax. «With the help of an innovative technology combination, incoming inquiries are processed with unique precision and efficiency: The system pushes an inquiry to the responsible employee’s screen. Employees can process the inquiry promptly and precisely without being interrupted by other orders.

Customer benefits: Productivity is full speed ahead

«The new solution has allowed us to increase efficiency by 40 minutes per day and employee», explains Thomas Canonica. «Thanks to the push system, our employees feel that they receive fairer treatment and can work in peace. This makes processes more streamlined and, for the first time, they can also be measured. Our customers benefit from this, too – their inquiries are dealt with more quickly and precisely. We are pleased to find that we are receiving significantly fewer complaints than before. It’s good to see that the Swisscom Managed Service also meets our expectations fully when it comes to value for money.»


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