Stefan Tschumi

Team leader IT Governance

BKB Group

The Swisscom experts responded enthusiastically to our requests.

Facts & Figures

July  2020

Company Facts:

Company: Basler Kantonalbank and Bank CLER

Industry: Finance

Number of employees: Around 1300

Project Facts:

  • Stable operation
  • High performance
  • Maximum security

Powerful solution for payment transactions

The independent financial institutions Basler Kantonalbank (BKB) and Bank CLER operate under the umbrella of the Basler BKB Group. With a combined balance sheet total of CHF 44.8 bln (2019), they are two of the key Swiss players. They obtain their payment transaction solution from Swisscom as a service.


BKB and Bank CLER used to operate their financial messaging solution themselves. However, like many of their competitors, they were having to react to increasing regulatory requirements.

Stefan Tschumi, project manager FMSB at the BKB Group: "An in-house, future-proof FMSB solution would not have been possible without major investment. Furthermore, we would have made ourselves dependent on the know-how of individual employees. Because of this, we felt that a service-based solution had more advantages overall. With this in mind, we looked for a partner who could offer the desired performance, scalability, security and stability. Essential for us: It had to be a Swiss partner with knowledge of the industry."


The BKB team led by Stefan Tschumi reviewed various FMSB service providers. "The full package from Swisscom was very convincing", he recalled. "The combination of the software (AnaSys) with high-performing services from Swisscom is harmonious and also interesting in terms of value for money."



Stefan Tschumi felt that the onboarding and go-live went very successfully: "The Swisscom experts were very responsive to our special requests, and we were able to stick to our ambitious schedule. The system has been stable from day one and provides very good message throughput." Stefan Tschumi saw the high Tier IV security rating in the Swisscom data centres as an additional advantage.


Stable operation

FMSB operated by Swisscom

High performance

Very good message throughput

Maximum security

Swisscom data centres with Tier IV security rating.

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