Success Story of comPlan

«The Swisscom solution is more efficient, more secure and cheaper»

Hansjörg Gurtner,
Chief Executive, comPlan

How the pension fund comPlan electronically archives its policyholder files, thereby enabling it to process them quickly and efficiently

The comPlan pension fund does not wish to continue expanding its paper archive and is switching to an electronic filing system instead. Swisscom and comPlan have analysed the relevant business processes and developed an optimal solution that not only ensures efficient and secure data storage, but also enables the rapid processing of files.

With a balance sheet total of nearly six billion Swiss francs, 24 affiliated employers, 18,500 active policyholders and 4,400 pensioners, comPlan is one of Switzerland’s largest pension funds. It follows a long-term investment strategy. Managing the associated processes involves a veritable mountain of paperwork. The active policyholder files are managed at the workstations of the employees in folders. Documents of retired policyholders are filed in the paper archive and sorted by year. The figures are impressive: the current business cases of active policyholders alone generate an annual document volume of around 42,000 pages. In addition to this, there are some 70,000 pages of existing policyholder files and a staggering 66,000 pages from concluded early withdrawals or pledges for promoting home ownership.

Smooth transition

With the existing paper archive, comPlan had come up against its capacity limits. Given that ‘security’ is of paramount importance, the Executive Board also viewed the risk of a total loss, for in-stance as the result of a fire, paper decay, fading or water ingress, as too high. This is because conventional archives do not have a forced ‘backup’ by force of circumstance. This is why those in charge opted to switch to a digital archive. Transactions occurring during the course of daily business, e.g. enquiries regarding the promotion of home ownership, are scanned on an ongoing basis. In addition, existing files of active policyholders are gradually being digitalized. Owing to the fact that this migration is taking place continuously, daily operations are not overly affected. The existing archive of policy-holders that have already left the company will, for the time being, be maintained in paper form until the statutory retention period expires.

Tried and tested solution

Together with comPlan, the experts at Swisscom analysed the business processes, the documents to be archived and the anticipated volumes and devised an optimal solution. Of decisive importance to the success of the project was a comprehensive understanding of the processes at comPlan. Soon thereafter, it was possible to im-plement the archiving solution technically and in a process-oriented way. In doing so, the scanning solution, EMC2’s Captiva, played a decisive role. It converts each paper document into commercially usable, digitalised content, which is then managed using EMC2’s document platform. During this process, unstructured documents are systematically managed, stored and backed up and made available for a whole host of different purposes on the basis of predefined business rules, processes and procedures. The infrastructure containing sensitive personal in-formation is located in the high-security data centres of Swisscom.

In close coordination with comPlan, the experts at Swisscom were able to implement the project within a short space of time. Besides staying within the agreed budget, what is most impressive about the solution is its modular structure, which will enable Swisscom to offer it to other industry sectors.

The process chain in summary

In addition to the technical platform, the defined scanning and archiving process also played a decisive role in the success of the solution. It means that the daily operations of the comPlan employees are not affected. The process is structured as follows.

  • Creation: the business transaction is prepared, sorted, checked and made available for archiving by comPlan. To this end, an optically-readable cover page with a bar code is prepared.
  • Archiving: the business transaction is scanned in at the press of a button and correctly filed in the electronic archive thanks to the bar code. The comPlan case handlers can now access the files electronically
  • Operation / support: the operation of the solution and support in the event of a problem is guaranteed by Swisscom throughout the entire process chain.
  • comPlan (PDF)

Main Points in Brief


comPlan is the pension fund for the employees of Swisscom and com-panies economically or financially associated with it, and looks after some 23,000 individuals.

The benefits at a glance

  • Experience: Swisscom has for many years been process-ing between 5,000 and 10,000 documents per day for Swisscom Switzerland at its Mail In-bound Center (MIC). In doing so, up to 360 different types of forms are automatically scanned and recog-nized, fed into the relevant busi-ness processes and processed.
  • Security: the electronic files are stored redundantly in Swisscom’s high-security and highly available data centres. Only authorised persons receive access to the files. The files are better protected than physical docu-ments.
  • Efficiency: the electronic archiv-ing platform prevents incorrect filing and enables information to be located quickly.
  • Cost savings: despite the con-stantly rising volume of docu-ments, the increased demand for physical archiving space no longer applies. Furthermore, less office stationery is needed
  • Compliance: the effort and ex-pense involved with the disposal of the archive upon expiry of the statutory retention periods is dra-matically reduced and simplified. Business processes are rendered more transparent and more easily traceable.

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