Success Story of Die Mobiliar

«We know we will always get good quality from Swisscom.»

Jürg Anliker,
IT project manager, Die Mobiliar

Simple access to secure packaging processes.

With over 4,400 employees, Die Mobiliar is one of Switzerland’s leading insurance companies. For software packaging services, it relies on tried and trusted collaboration with Swisscom.

The challenge: smart power peak management.

One in three households and more than one in three companies in Switzerland are insured with Die Mobiliar. There is no doubt that, in view of the high volume of work, reliable IT applications are a top priority. “Twice a year, we feed in major releases of our business applications in order to stay up to date,” explains IT project manager Jürg Anliker. “This leads to power peaks in our systems. To manage these, we want to avoid increasing our own resources. Software packaging is ideally suited for outsourcing. However, there is only one partner who can guarantee the reliability and quality that we need.”

The solution: fast, needs-based packaging.

Die Mobiliar is very pleased with Swisscom’s packaging service, which it has been using since 2008. It sends around 175 jobs to Swisscom experts each year, with their collaboration governed by a Service Level Agreement. Jürg Anliker explains: “This means we can be sure that we will receive the products on time. We are billed on the basis of time spent. Thanks to this model, we can take into account the different complexity levels of the packages, and the system works well for Swisscom too.” Before the extensive six-monthly releases are ready, Die Mobiliar and Swisscom plan the project together in intensive discussions. However, a faster tempo is often required for day-to-day business: packaging jobs are automatically submitted to Swisscom via connected systems and the finished software packages are with Die Mobiliar three or four days later.

The result: top quality guaranteed at the right time.

“Our collaboration with Swisscom is excellent,” says Jürg Anliker, referring to an essential benefit of the packaging solution. “The Swisscom experts bring a lot of experience to the table, which is evident in the smooth processes, adherence to deadlines and superb quality assurance. Also, as a major provider, Swisscom always has sufficient human resources available, so there are never any bottlenecks.”

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