Reto Kühni

Head of Business Development & Projects

Entris Banking Ltd.

With RPA you can easily and efficiently eliminate media breaks instead of implementing fixed interfaces. With the cloud approach, RPA also pays off for small and medium-sized companies.

Facts & Figures

March 2020

Company Facts:

Company: Entris Banking Ltd.

Industry: Banking Services

Number of employees: 55

Project Facts:

  • Automation of recurring routine tasks by software robots
  • Automatic transfer of trades from a trading system to the core banking system
  • Regulatory separation from trading to back office implemented

Robotic Process Automation at Entris

Thanks to the versatile offer in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) field, regional and cantonal banks can outsource large parts of their back office and support processes to Entris Banking. This includes the areas of payments, means of payment, investments, provisions, asset liability management (ALM) as well as risk and regulation management.


With its central bank function, Entris Banking also provides its customers with access to the money and capital markets (foreign exchange trading) and optimises capital deployment, costs, earnings and risks. Due to its size, however, the bank cannot operate its IT systems and processes entirely on its own.


Entris Banking uses a trading system in addition to the core banking system. Among other things, currency trades are recorded and settled here. Due to the separation of trading from the back office for regulatory reasons, these trades previously had to be transferred manually to the core banking system. This was time-consuming and implies the potential for errors in the manual transfer of the current values.


Due to the cost and time pressure, there is a clear need to automate manual procedures and processes. In addition, such recurring tasks must be performed accurately and without errors. However, only limited means are available for their automation.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a Managed Service from Swisscom, is now taking over this task. Instead of manual input, the trades made are automatically booked by a software robot in the core banking system. This saves several 100 hours per year of manual work which is now done error-free and more cost-effectively. By using the Shared RPA Platform, Entris Banking can also save license costs and does not have to take care of its operation itself.


Focussing onto the core business

Thanks to the use of RPA, the company can focus more on its core business.

Less administrative effort

Staff deployment is now more flexible, and processes have been made more efficient.

Pushing digital innovations

With RPA, Entris Banking takes another step towards digitalisation and improves the quality of its services.

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