Success Story of Helsana

«The excellent collaboration between hosting provider and application provider is what made the difference.»

Bernard Gloor,
Performance management, Helsana

Case management with a strong track record: The coordinated processing of cases by different insurance providers is a reality at Helsana. The necessary infrastructure is operated by Swisscom.

The coordinated processing of cases by different insurance providers is a reality at Helsana. The necessary infrastructure is operated by Swisscom. People who are out of work for prolonged periods following an accident or illness often find returning to work takes a long time. In many cases it is partly the uncoordinated and counterproductive actions of the services involved that are to blame. The result for many is unemployment, a long and painful return to work or even invalidity. This leads to losses in productivity and increased pressure on the public health care and social security systems. As the leading provider of health, accident and daily sickness benefits insurance in Switzerland, Helsana recognised the importance of Case Management for the recovery and professional reintegration of its customers early on. Helsana’s approach focuses on personalised advice and the effective coordination of all services involved.

CaseNet allows Helsana optimal coordination of the various players, ensuring smooth collaboration between all involved. Developed by Diartis specifically for Case Management, CaseNet is a webbased information, communication and document management system that is compliant with data protection requirements. It allows Helsana to offer customers the best possible support on their way back to health and for their reintegration into daily life and employment.

For those requiring a particular coordination of services, Helsana founded the joint subsidiary Aviga together with SwissLife. Following an individual situation analysis, Aviga’s Case Management specialists assure the effective coordination of all services involved, as well as of the potential cost bearers and service providers. Aviga also uses CaseNet and relies on Swisscom as a secure host for this application.

High-performance IT infrastructure

Helsana outsourced the operation of the infrastructure for the productive CaseNet system to Swisscom back in 2009. Two developments have led to the newly intensified collaboration between Helsana and Swisscom. On the one hand, expectations of the Case Management system were met with the system’s easy application facilitating and simplifying interdisciplinary collaboration; reducing down-time and unnecessary duplication of efforts and improving overall efficiency. In order to further develop the platform, to test new releases and to train more users, Helsana required an additional system environment.

On the other hand, the collaboration with Swisscom has proven successful throughout. Bernard Gloor, responsible for the implementation of CaseNet at Helsana, sums up the positive results: “The guaranteed availability for the infrastructure set down in the Service Level Agreement was 99.3 per cent. However, availability has actually been at 100 per cent.” The fact that Swisscom has been working together with Diartis for several years now and transfers its know-how on to its customers is a further advantage.

Maximum security for infrastructure and data

To ensure the best possible collaboration between Aviga and Helsana, Swisscom was entrusted with the expansion of a development, training and testing system for the Case Management platform based on the structure of the productive environment in Aviga. The required web and data servers were set up as separate virtual systems.

Operation of the infrastructure and storage of all data takes place exclusively in Swisscom IT Service’s data centres in Switzerland. The multitiered architecture with a number of security levels provides maximum protection for all Helsana customer details.

In early 2012, Helsana was able to put the system upgrade into operation in just a matter of weeks. Swisscom fully lived up to its first-class reputation as a manager of multi- provider projects. "We were really impressed with the way in which the project was managed,” says Bernard Gloor. “The weekly progress reports kept us up to date and provided trans-parency. We could rely on the excellent support from Swisscom at every stage of the project, even in challenging situations. This ensured we were able to find a constructive solution for every problem."

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The advantages at a glance

  • Project management: Wellestablished processes in project, change and incident management relieve the burden on customers, allowing them to focus on core tasks.
  • Experience: Thanks to several years of collaboration with the various providers involved, in particular with Diartis, as well as many years of experience in the management of multiprovider projects, all projects and operations are certain to run smoothly.
  • Transparency: The Service Level Agreements are a clear promise of performance which is monitored and reported in the monthly Service Level Report.
  • Security: Swisscom guarantees the highest quality in terms of data storage and security in Switzerland.
  • Reliability: The CaseNet IT infrastructure has an availability of 100 per cent.

These products are used by Helsana

Application Operation

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