Success Story of Raiffeisen Switzerland

«Swisscom provides us with optimum value for money and the best technical solution.»

Damir Bogdan,
CIO , Raiffeisen Switzerland

A powerful platform for 1,584 sites

3,3 million inhabitants of Switzerland hold accounts at a Raiffeisenbank. Raiffeisen Switzerland offers the 350 independent Raiffeisenbanks a wide range of IT services, among other things. For site networking and IP telephony, the company places its trust in Swisscom’s managed services.

Initial situation: higher performance for WAN and IP telephony.

Raiffeisen Switzerland helps Raiff­eisen banks to achieve better efficiency and productivity with various projects. The banks had additional requirements in the area of telephony, which led to a reassessment of the site networking system (Rainet WAN Service). We were looking for a solution that was characterised by modularity and a high level of scalability in terms of functionality, autonomy and avail ability. We wanted the WAN, Internet, extranet and IP telephony to be perfectly synchronised and all come from one single source.

The solution: renting instead of buying – with managed services

Within twelve months, 1,584 Raiff­eisenbanks were connected to each other using the managed WAN service LAN Interconnet. At the same time, Swisscom integrated IP telephony and took over the operation of the entire solution. Furthermore, Swisscom was and is available for consulting and support services. Thanks to the end to end solution, Raiffeisen has gained time to concentrate on its core business. On top of this, the solution has freed up financial resources: not only is Raiffeisen able to use the ICT infrastructure with out investing in it, but the company also receives additional service at lower costs. The new managed platform provides optimum support for centralisation projects as well as current and future business processes. For example, the banks can now order larger bandwidths or extra VoIP connections via Raiffeisen Switzerland.

Customer benefits: a platform that grows with the company

«With the Swisscom platform, we can provide new functions quickly and across the board,» says Damir Bogdan, CIO at Raiffeisen Switzerland. «For ex ample, within nine months around 70 customers at 240 sites have already been connected to the new IP teleph ony system. This allows the Raiffeisen banks to reach their goals of achieving increased efficiency much faster. An other thing that is incredibly helpful for us is that the platforms and managed services are extremely flexible and can be scaled as required. This means we always have exactly the range of ser­vices available to us that we actually need. Of course, this solution is also interesting in economic terms, especially as Swisscom accounts for all ser­ vices with utmost transparency: every thing from hardware, bandwidths and call costs right up to support is in cluded.»

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These products are used by Raiffeisen Switzerland

Managed UCC

With Managed UCC, Unified Communications and Collaboration, Swisscom offers a complete solution for non-location dependent collaboration on any device.