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Success Story of Berner Kantonalbank BEKB

“We can easily publish important information within 30 minutes.”

The Berner Kantonalbank BEKB is one of the larger Swiss full-service banks. In Swisscom Sharespace, it now has a modern platform for internal information management and cross-departmental collaboration. Thanks to Swisscom’s software-as-a-service, the BEKB has been able to free up its resources.


How exactly can you inform around 1,200 employees quickly, simply and accurately? The BEKB’s existing intranet was outdated, and they did not regard the development of a new in-house solution as the task of a bank. Moreover, the new platform was intended not only to serve as an information medium but also to simplify collaboration.


Swisscom Sharespace is an interactive “intranet in the guise of social media”. 18 BEKB content managers supply current information to defined groups. At the same time, project teams can access documents directly via the file servers on Sharespace. The BEKB obtains the Sharespace SaaS at a fixed price – including updates, support and maintenance.

Berner Kantonalbank BEKB

> Sector: finance

> Locations: 62
> Employees: over 1,200
> Customers: approx. 500,000
> Core business: private and corporate customers, investment consulting


Roberto Longoni

Senior project manager and executive member

Mr Longoni, please complete these sentences.

With Swisscom Sharespace, we can …

“… reach our employees promptly and precisely.”

We are pleased with the solution because it …

“… has a modern appearance and because everyone gets on well with it.”

Our employees benefit because …

“… they are always up to date and can collaborate better.”

My advertising slogan for Swisscom Sharespace is:

“Strong all-in service from a single source”

Swisscom Sharespace

Swisscom Sharespace

Swisscom Sharespace provides the latest generation of the intranet: virtual workspaces thanks to individually expandable modules based on SharePoint 2013. Find out more about Sharespace from Swisscom.