“WealthArc focuses on the financial algorithms; Swisscom manages all cloud services.”

WealthArc’s goal is to make life easier for asset managers. To achieve this, international banking data is gathered and presented to asset managers according to their needs via complex algorithms.

The challenge

WealthArc has limited resources for the complex products involved. It is important to be able to meet clients’ expectations and needs, to continuously develop the product and thus consistently add value. Important issues such as managing the cloud platform, ensuring security requirements and having scalable resources are fundamental for us, but we do not have additional resources of our own to draw on in these areas.

The solution

The Application Cloud enables WealthArc to focus on
- writing code
- marketing and selling products

The team does not have to worry about
- infrastructure issues
- security threats
- compliance requirements
and WealthArc clients appreciate the stability and the data storage in Switzerland, as guaranteed by the Swisscom brand.


WealthArc enables asset managers to be trusted advisors. The team is made up of professionals with financial industry experience – from hedge funds in Zurich to investment banks in London.
WealthArc is a cloud-based FinTech platform provider that supports the latest technologies, from big data to artificial intelligence, for private banks and investment advisors. WealthArc enables investors and advisors to navigate the complex world of investment management, ensuring the highest-possible level of cyber-security.

Krzysztof Gogol

CEO, WealthArc

Mr. Gogol, please tell us more:

What is special about WealthArc?

"WealthArc enables next-generation asset management. We help asset managers and banks spend less time on administration and compliance and more time on their clients. Our start-up was born out of a hackathon. Today, our system is fully operational, and we already have many happy clients, banks and asset managers."

Why the Swisscom Application Cloud?

"Today, we have integrated APIs from more than 35 banks worldwide and clients in Switzerland. It quickly became clear to us that we needed a cloud platform with data storage in Switzerland. Swisscom was the first choice for us."

Does this mean that the Application Cloud is primarily suited to the financial sector?

"No, this approach, with managed services for databases and servers on the Platform as a Service solution from Swisscom, should be followed by all IT companies. It enables rapid development and agile incorporation of new requirements. And especially in the area of software development, it is unthinkable today not to offer fast, agile and highly scalable product portfolio extensions."

This product is used by WealthArc

Application Cloud

Scale and implement innovative applications as needed within minutes and benefit from an extremely short time-to-market.