Loterie Romande

Success Story of Loterie Romande

«Swisscom has presented us with a solution that can be adapted to suit our specific needs.»

Francisco Gomes,
Head of the Projects Department, Loterie Romande

Each data transfer is a sure winner

Loterie Romande employs around 200 workers, who ensure that keen gamers in Western Switzerland can indulge in their passion. The company offers a wide range of exciting games at 3000 sales outlets. Thanks to the new, multicast-enabled network, gamers receive their winning numbers at any gaming terminal in French-speaking Switzerland instantly.

Loterie Romande entrusted Swisscom with the task of replacing the existing X.25 data network with a new-generation IP solution. In view of the extremely strict security regulations in the lottery industry, this task had to be carried out very carefully indeed. The customer request for winning numbers to be relayed to all sales outlets simultaneously posed an additional challenge.

By constructing a multicast-enabled LAN-I network, Swisscom reached all the goals that had been set. Multicast enables the same IP packages to be sent simultaneously to several recipients. Thanks to its integration in the network, this functionality means that all lottery customers in the entire Lotterie Romande sales area are always provided with the very latest information. Those in charge at Loterie Romande are also particularly impressed by the open architecture of the new network, as well as the possibilities for problem-free integration of new applications.

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