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“Storebox offers many freedoms – under completely safe conditions.”

The cantonal specialist unit Fritic is responsible for the integration of ICT in Fribourg’s schools. In order to enable secure, easy and efficient data communication between teachers and employees of the Department of Education, it introduced Storebox: the flexible cloud memory from Swisscom.


Data communication with USB sticks, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive & Co. is an ideal biotope for security loopholes and incompatibility. Fritic tackled this problem. Now the data communication in Fribourg’s schools is to be carried out on only one single platform – and is to be uncomplicated, completely secure and possible on all terminals.


More than 4,000 people in the education system in the canton of Fribourg now use a personal Storebox account. In the Swisscom Cloud they each have 50 GB of memory space at their disposal. They exchange files with their partners with just a few clicks. The open structure enables them to create and manage project or personal folders themselves with total freedom.


> Sector: public administration

> Competence centre of the canton of Fribourg for all aspects of the integration of media and ICT into teaching

> Employees: 13

> Services for school authorities, schools and teaching staff


Philippe Devaud

Interim Head of specialist unit Fritic

Mr Devaud, please complete the following sentences.

In the canton we have used Storebox from Swisscom to …

“… implement an externally operated cloud solution for the first time.”

We like Storebox – which we call fribox – because …

“… the cloud enables a new, very dynamic way of working.”

Our employees benefit from Storebox because …

“… they can now work more efficiently and in a community, so to speak.”

My advertising slogan for Storebox is:

“Everything in my own pocket!”

This product is used by Fritic


Save and access data anywhere and with any device. Sharing documents with internal and external partners.