Success Story of Canton of Schwyz

«With the canton-wide fibre-optic network, we have a good basis for helping e-government to break through. »

Herbert Reinecke,
Head of the Office for Computer Services, Canton of Schwyz

High-performance network for e-government

In matters of e-government, the canton of Schwyz is demonstrating a pioneering spirit: It is one of the first cantons to implement an e-government law. For this, it needs a network that can meet high requirements.

Democratic principles have a direct effect on ICT requirements: For example, the election results must be transported from the polling stations to the evaluation office securely and without the possibility of manipulation. The new Schwyz canton network guarantees adherence to the strictest regulations. It connects 26 municipalities, six districts and the canton's administrative offices with powerful fibre-optic lines.

While the canton retains autonomy over its network, Swisscom is responsible for the smooth operation of the high-performance network with Ethernet Services in the background. The bandwidths can be adapted quickly and flexibly, and thanks to the high availability of the network, administrative processes in the Central Swiss canton have been accelerated.

These products are used by the Canton of Schwyz

Swisscom Ethernet Services

Reliable, high-speed, Ethernet-based networking.