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Success Story of SIS Neuchâtel

«eAlarm emergency enables me to mobilise my response teams more quickly and precisely – somet.»

Jean-Pascal Petermann,
Head of the Centre de secours , SIS Neuchâtel

Intelligent mobilisation with eAlarm emergency and SMSprio

The Service d’incendie et de secours de la Ville de Neuchâtel (SIS) watches over the safety of 100,000 people. It unites the professional fire brigade, ambulance service, voluntary fire brigade and civil defence. .

When an alert message is received, the fast mobilisation of rescue forces can save lives. In the form of Swisscom’s high-end eAlarm emergency alerting platform and SMSprio service, the SIS has found an extremely powerful solution to replace its outdated pager system.

In the past, the officers in charge never knew exactly how many of the rescue forces summoned would actually turn up. Today, this is perfectly clear, as eAlarm emergency makes it possible to immediately confirm the receipt of messages. On top of that, the prioritised SMS messages reach recipients around ten times faster than pager messages. Other advantages of the solution include easy operation, the complete coverage of the Swisscom mobile network and low investment costs.

These products are used by SIS Neuchâtel

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