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4B Gruppe

Success Story of 4B Gruppe

«With our new telephony solution we’re much more closely aligned with business processes.»

Robert Haas,
ICT manager , 4B Gruppe

Making phones easy to use as well

The 4B Group has around 480 employees and is a leading Swiss manufacturer of wood, aluminium and plastic window frames, as well as façade and shop-window construction and bathroom fittings. To maintain its current high profile, 4B has restructured its communications system.

Initial situation: need to optimise processes and reduce costs

The previous ageing telephony system was no longer capable of optimally tackling these challenges. Fault was found both in the form of capacity bottlenecks and in the fact that different models from various suppliers were in use at the six sites. With the new solution, 4B’s aim was to unify communication processes and reduce costs for internal calls using VoIP. And, last but not least, the new system had to satisfy the company’s «easy to use» IT philosophy.

Solution: do things right – also in budget terms

Based on the requirement profile, Swisscom has developed a solution which meets all of 4B’s expectations. At the centre of this solution is an Alcatel hybrid system, which uses both conventional and VoIP technology. The branches are connected to each other and to the main site via IPSS. The system can be expanded at will, encompasses CTI and switching, and incorporates applications such as Netwise, Omnivista and unified messaging, as well as an SMS and fax connection. It offers superior voice quality for daily telephone conferences, while reducing call costs drastically thanks to an internal VoIP solution.

Customer benefits: increased efficiency and crystal clear advantages

With this new solution, increased efficiency is not only noticeable at the switchboard. Production and field sales staff also have access now to extremely powerful equipment with numerous connections. Transition of workplaces is no problem either – connections can be managed internally at the click of a button. 4B is also pleased with the precise analyses of charges, centralised system monitoring, the rapid exchange of defective terminals by post, alongside five-year-guaranteed investment protection. Swisscom has developed and implemented the solution successfully with a complete range of products and services: from LAN/WAN, access, voice system integration and mobile telephony to consulting, project management and implementation, as well as maintenance and operation.

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