Success Story of AGZ Holding

«We don’t want to ‹manage IT›, but rather provide business-driven solutions.»

Roland Allgäuer,
CIO, AGZ Holding

Gain more capacity for your business

AGZ Holding comprises seven different companies. The main focuses of these companies are on the construction industry (heavy ceramics), medical and dental technology, high-tech and precision ceramics (technical ceramics), and the real estate sector. For its new data center solution, AGZ has put its trust in Swisscom.

The initial situation: need to do away with routine tasks

Aiming to be equipped to meet future challenges, AGZ Holding laid plans to modernise its IT infrastructure. In addition to meeting technical requirements, the holding also strove to achieve strategic goals: «We want to be able to use our IT resources to focus on our core processes – and not waste time with basic services that other service providers offer in a scalable form», is how CIO Roland Allgäuer explains the company’s approach. «Moreover, we would like to achieve maximum flexibility in terms of IT resources so that we can respond quickly to any changes in the IT environment. » In view of this initial situation, it was clear that AGZ would not be able to set up its computer center infrastructure itself.

The solution: flexible procurement of computer center services

In Swisscom, AGZ has found a partner for modernisation that provides the required size and continuity. Together with Swisscom Business Consultants, the IT managers have found a solution that meets all requirements: Dynamic Computing Services enable AGZ to procure server and storage services from Swisscom without having to worry about the infrastructure tasks. Apart from a few exceptions, all applications at AGZ have been migrated to Swisscom’s Dynamic Data Center platform. Nevertheless, AGZ is still completely in control, as its own specialists continue to be responsible for configurations and for managing the computer center. In the background, Swisscom uses its Security Services to reliably monitor data security and secure information exchange.

Customer benefits: more IT power for core business

«The new solution has eliminated the need for numerous routine tasks», enthuses Roland Allgäuer. «As a result, we have gained additional capacity to provide our companies with business- driven solutions that keep them moving forward. Thanks to the Swisscom services, we are able to simplify our IT processes and additionally standardise certain business processes. It is important to realise that, when sourcing products and services in this way, it’s absolutely essential to have the right partner. Practically anyone can provide the technology. However, not all suppliers have the necessary competence to provide the integrated solutions that we require. Swisscom is well positioned in this respect and does an excellent job, always having a suitable solution for us.»


These products are used by AGZ Holding

Opticallink Services

The transport service for heavy and complex data traffic based on optical fibre.